QuickIODirectoryInfo Parent.Fullname mismatch

Sep 23, 2015 at 2:22 AM
Dear Benjamin,
first of all, big thanks for QuickIO.

I tried to create an hierarchical tree based on files search results. While observing the QuickIOPathInfo parent object of any rootfolder etc. "C:\Program Files" (windows machine),
the value for parent.Fullname gives "C:\Windows\system32".

var dirInfo = new QuickIODirectoryInfo(@"c:\Program Files");
=> gives: "C:\Windows\system32" //should be: "C:"

//for the drive comprising my project folder
var dirInfo = new QuickIODirectoryInfo(@"e:\temp");
=>gives: "E:++Projects\QuickIOTest\QuickIOTest\bin\Debug" //should be "E:"

//other drives
Expected values

Could you confirm this?